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Welcome to CASINO SHUFFLER, the home of Shuffle King 2.
The most effective professional card shuffler we've ever built for poker games.

The Shuffle King 2 is designed to meet the highest standards of your casino or poker club, perfectly suitable for Texas hold ‘em, 3 Card Poker, Ultimate Poker and more. System of two card decks allows you to use one deck in play while the other deck is simultaneously shuffled to be ready for the next deal.

The shuffle is governed by a GLI approved random number generator and takes 35 seconds. Speed of your poker game will increase up to 30%. Not only prestige and comfort is provided for your poker game by purchasing Shuffle King 2. It means also increase of your profit.

Return of investment

Time is money. Use of automatic shuffling machine allows you to deal more hands per hour. Investment in a Shuffle King 2 may return in less than 2 months. How is this possible? A simple calculation.
And we keep the numbers low:

  • blinds: 3/5 €
  • table earnings with hand shuffling (25 hands/h): 100 €/h
  • table earnings with Shuffle King 2 (30 hands/h): (100/25)*30 = 120 €/h
  • increase of earnings: 20 €/h
  • ---
  • Increase of earnings in 8 hours: 160 €
  • Increase of earnings in 4 days (4*8 hours): 640 €
  • Increase of earnings in 30 days (30*8 hours): 4800 €
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Key features

  • absolutely reliable random shuffle in 35 seconds
  • increases game productivity by up to 30%
  • much better gaming comfort and safety
  • easy operation and simple training of staff
  • automatic recount of cards with each shuffle
  • notice of incorrect number of cards
  • design matched to gambling room interior

Technical specification

The shuffling mechanism is designed for one deck of plastic or paper cards of max. size 88 x 63 mm (also narrow cards sized 88 x 57 mm can be processed). Cards size can be easily adjusted in user menu. Card shuffling is completely random.

At the end of each shuffling, the total number of cards in the deck is displayed. If the number is different from 52, the dealer will receive a notice of an incorrect number of cards on display.

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Dimensions and details

  • top panel 293 x 170 mm
  • shuffler including top panel 280 x 146 x 288 mm
  • size of hole in the table 284 x 151 mm
  • weight 9,5 kg
  • power supply 24V/2A (adapter included)
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We focus on providing top services to our customers.
We excel in flexibility of our technical support and in special services provided both remotely and in person.


100 000 cycles or one year *
* whichever comes sooner


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Shuffle King has already hundreds of satisfied owners. You can see it in action for example in the following casinos.

King´s Casino, Rozvadov
Evolution Latvia Ltd, Riga
Admiral Casinos, Folmava, Hate, Dolni Dvoriste...
Card Casino, Prague
Concord Card Casino, Prague
Casino Kartac, Ostrava
INGO Casino Bellevue, Marianske Lazne
Casino INGO, Zelezna Ruda
Olympic Casino, Kosice
Spielbank Hannover, Hannover
Macau Sporting Club, Dublin

Worldwide ordering system

You are close to obtain all the benefits that Shuffle King 2 offers. We have prepared a special ordering system that ensures a comfortable and fast ordering including express shipping worldwide. Contact us for more information.

List Price

  • Contact us for a price quote.
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Package content

  • 1 x card shuffler
  • 1 x supply adapter 230V~/24V=
  • 1 x power cord

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